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The Fine Art Gallery is my portfolio of artistic images. These images show off some of my very favorite creations. The "Paintings Gallery" shows images that have the look of Watercolor or Oil Paintings. The "Montage and Collage Gallery" has some very artistic collaging. The Humor and Whimsey Gallery" takes it to another level!

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Fine Art Gallery

Paintings and Watercolor

Digital Painting GalleryMy father is a highly skilled engineer cratftsman and artist. It is his sense of composition that has most influenced my life. His oil paintings of Bavarian and Alpine landscapes have the keen ability to transpose the viewer's thoughts and feelings into the painting. They represent a scene so beautiful and peaceful suggesting something almost seem truer than life. When I compose a photograph, I strive to capture that feeling. Many times I have been very fortunate to capture an image that is truly a work of art and much more than a snapshot. With my love and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, I have taken some of these images and transposed them to something very unique; A painting, if you will. Enjoy this gallery!

Montages and Collages

Collage GalleryAn artist wields his or her paintbrush, filled with color, accross a blank canvas to create a painting. As a digital artist, I assemble a painting with parts of many images and custom made brushes, using Adobe Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator to compose some very unique works of art. As much as I strive to compose my photographs as described above, I very often photograph unusual or inspirational subjects for use in a digital painting. Enjoy this gallery!

Humor and Whimsey

Humerous Art GallerySomewhere between collaging and painting is a category somewhat on it's own. In this gallery you will find images created often using parts of other collages and photographs that have a humerous quality or possibly inspire the imagination. Art with marketing in mind nay also be an interpretation. Enjoy this gallery!