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The images below do not take you to another page at the moment, they are just there as a place-holder for some of my favorite places.

Sonoma Coast Redwoods


Double Bouquet


A Photographic Adventure

One of the most enjoyable type of photographic outings is a well-planned photo shoot to a truly phenomenal place. These trips often begin with an idea or a magazine photo of some truly fascinating place. These trrips require considerable research, planning gearing-up and finally making the trip. I often come back with thousands of fine images to enjoy and process. These will eventually be displayed here and even end up as a theme on my photography gallery page.

These trips could be anywhere from Yosemite to the Eastern Sierra, Bodie, the South-West or even a late July Sierra Wildflower shoot. Check back here often as I update the content as I prepare for my next adventure!