Photographing Phenomenon

Unique and Hidden

Bowling Ball BeachPhenomenal Photography is the photography of extraordinary, unique and hidden places. In Landscape Photography, one sees a photographic moment while driving, hiking or vacationing and snaps a few pictures. Phenomenal Photography takes Landscape Photography to a new level. Rather than the outing, vacation, travel or hike being the venue for your photograph, the photograph that you intend to capture of something very unique is the focus. Pursuing a very special place or occurrence for the purpose of capturing an image brings a certain Sport to Photography.

Sport of Photography

Goblin ValleyYes, Sport! Photography actually becomes a Sport! A Quest with all the obsession of a Hunt. One hears of such a phenomenon from fellow photographers, much like fishermen hear about the big fish that got away. Camera shop converstaions, magazine articles and media portayal of very elusive events. Fishermen are probably the closest example of this comparison. They eagerly await the various Seasons for their important events, such as the "Opening Day" of Trout Fishing in the Eastern Sierra, Salmon Fishing in the Coastal Rivers, Steelhead Fishing or even the pursuit of Abalone. They ready their gear and plan their trips accordingly. Their Prize - Catch is their goal. To catch "The Big One" is their obsession. Well, that type of obsession and excitement is what Phenomenal Photography is all about.

Research and Gearing-Up

Upper Antelope CanyonThe preparation for such an event is just about as much fun as the actual event itself. Obsessive research of the phenomenon to learn all there is known, down to the smallest detail, can be as fun or consuming as looking for "The National Treasure" or possibly even the "Holy Grail". Well, perhaps that may be a bit of an extreme comparison. However if you consider a journey to the middle of the desert in Arizona, specifically to photograph a very Spirtual Hidden Slot-Canyon on Navajo land, well that is truly what this type of photgraphy is all about. Detailed planning and having the right equipment is an absolute necessity. One needs to know all about the area, the topography, the climate and the optimal time to take that very special image.

The Prize

Horsetail FallsThe Prize of Phenomenal Photography is capturing that elusive image. I have had the good fortune to capture at least four of such Phenomenal places and occurrences. Each of these required extensive research, planning, outfitting, travel and photography to capture. These four phenomenon are: Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona; Goblin Valley in Utah; Horseshoe Falls in Yosemite and Bowling Ball Beach along the Mendocino Coast. The purpose of this web site is to show a few pictures of these truly phenomenal places.